Rosetta Stoned

For obvious reasons, I have a copy of Rosetta Stone’s Russian CD that I’ll be looking to sell. Most likely on eBay.

But I really like the Rosetta Stone system. And now I’m torn: I’d like to pick up another language, but which?

It’s a toss-up between the French CDs, and trying to get really serious about it, or picking up Italian, which I have an easier time pronouncing, but tend not to visit as often as I visit France.

But damn, I do love Italy.

And yet, Paris is up there with my favorite places on earth. And. like…it’s France, dammit. No matter how hard it is to wrap my tongue around the language, I know French far better than any other language. Heck, when I was 15, we lived for a bit in the South of France, and I went to a French speaking school in Nice.

But I have a mind like a steel sieve, and much of that is long forgotten.

Yet we summered in Italy often, when I was a kid, my Dad being in International business and all. Did I mention how much I loved Italy? And Lucca two years ago made me realize how much I missed it.


French? Italian?

I am so not good at these kind of decisions…

Unless, of course, someone with French I or Italian I wants to swap for Russian I. Hint hint.

Or, like, saaaaay, Lucca wants me back. Hint hintity hint.

C’mon, Lucca! Do it for Italian national pride!



Feeling a tad glum after an amazing trip to Canadialand.

We really, really like Canadialand.

So…Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part Three

1Flight of the Conchords

2Stardust , Superbad and the Simpsons movie.

3 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations III and Feasting on Asphalt II

Your turn. Three things each.



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