Cineplexity First Printing: Gone Daddy Gone

The first print run of Cineplexity is officially SOLD OUT from the warehouse, making it Out of the Box’s fastest-selling new release, like, evar.

If you want to get the game with the 200 extra free cards, I’d suggest buying it now, if you can find it somewhere. Many games stores should still have it, but this will be the last of the Premier Edition batch.

The next shipment should arrive soon, and will play just as well. But it’ll have 300 cards, not 500.

The extra 200 cards will all be in the first expansion set, so you’ll still be able to get them.

It’ll just cost a little more, is all.

By the way: a great, cool Cineplexity quote from Ken Jennings, Jeapardy gazillion-time game winner and record holder, from an Interwebs chat the Game Show Network (GSN) did:

zooglea: Question for all, What are your favorite board games?

Ken Jennings: I’d like to credit Cranium with my backward-spelling mojo on Grand Slam. I also like Scrabble, except when my wife beats me. There’s a newish game called Cineplexity that’s a must-own if you like movies like I do.



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