The Good, The Bad and the Blogger

First: Lotsa new The Good, the Bad and the Munchkin art behind the jump. So, jump away…


So. Because


MySpace and

Suicide Girls

…just wasn’t enough, I’ve also started up accounts at:


and Facebook

So, yeah…like, friend away…

Like I don’t have enough junk to keep track of already.


Just got a call from my brother, in St. Louis.

He was driving by Monsanto, and spotted a car with an Army of Dorkness bumper sticker, featuring Carson.

Kinda made my day.


Crowded House will be in Chicago, at the House of Blues, August 19.

Therefore, so will I.


Now that The Good, The Bad and the Munchkin is almost done, here’s some teaser art (pending approval, of course…but I thought folks might like to see the direction the game’s taking…):

Character Classes





And some fun stuff…

Trap! Cattle Drive and Trap! Ambush

Jackalope and Grizzly Bear

Beating a Dead Horse and Catamount

Civil War Canon and Eat What You Kill

Horse Thief and Hobby Horse

Secret Chili Recipe and Shoot The Piano Player

Sidekick: Greenhorn and Sidekick: Schoolmarm

Oh, yes…yes indeed. THIS will be a fun game. Oh, heavens yes…


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