My Little CONvergence

OK…jetlag’s receding, and I woke up this morning at a decent hour…that is, one in which the sun was also already up.

Sorry for the recent radio silence. Virgin Atlantic’s started a new Chicago to Heathrow service, and was offering round-trips for $325, at which point it almost seems rude not to take them up. So I combined that with a Ryanair flight to Grenada’s Federico Garcia Lorca Airport, and visited my parents for a week, to concentrate on writing, drawing and a fair amount of reading.

(Actually Virgin Atlantic’s second try at Chicago-Heathrow. The first was aborted, soon after it began, in the industry upheaval that followed 9/11).

It was all grand, and nice to be able to focus on a few projects without the distraction of the phone and the internet and other shiny objects. The cross-London trek from Heathrow to Stansted was a bit much, but it fell on a Saturday, so I was able to lunch at Borough Market, probably my favorite spot in London. This included some brilliant Monmouth Coffee lattes and Konditor and Cook flapjacks, of which the remainder are now in the freezer, to be portioned out at regular intervals until my next trans-Atlantic jaunt.

Stansted is still an odd airport. The average flier there is taking advantage of deathly cheap flights, and honestly you’re thankful most of them seem to be wearing pants, let alone shirts and shoes. When I was a kid, flying use to involve dressing up – even in coach. Only church and school open days coaxed me into more ties and jackets. But while air travel is pretty much a cattle call these days, I won’t complain. Twenty years ago, when I was in college, $500 flights were the point I’d scrape up enough to cross the pond to visit family. The fact that the dollar cost is still about the same is remarkable, so I’ll put up with the hassles, sleep through the flights and remain amazed at the modern world.


My CONvergence schedule has been finalized. Not sure when my signings will be, but right now, I’m on track for:

Fri 7:00pm – Mainstage – Opening Ceremonies

Fri 9:30pm – 10:30pm – A4 – HotDish Panel – Smackdown 2007: Monster Mash

Sat 2:00pm – 3:00pm – A6 – Comics Panel – Professional comics panel

Sat 7:00pm – Mainstage – Masquerade

Sun 12:30pm – 1:30pm – A2 – Gaming Panel – Elements of Game Design

Sun 2:00pm – 3:00pm – P1 – Comics Panel – Iron Artist

Sun 5:00pm – Mainstage – Closing Ceremonies

I’ll also be involved in some Munchkin games, and Cineplexity’ll be on hand for some pick-up games.

My fear of cons is pretty much at the same level it always it, so it takes a very special connvention to get me out of my shell. CONvergence is one such special show. Added bonuses, hanging out with Chris Jones and Mellisa Kaercher, plus meeting Berni Wrightson, a personal artist hero of mine since my Forbidden Planet days.


Expect My Little Cthulhu to put in an appearance at the CONvergence Monster Mash.

And speaking of My Little Cthulhu, we’ve received a request for a second limited edition run from a Very Important Client ™.

Here’s a preview: My Little Gothulhu:

My Little Cthulhu is in and available from places like Paizo and Warehouse 23 (the limited edition Angry My Little Cthulhu being exclusive to Paizo) and many, many other cool vendors, so I’ll try and get some shots up if I get the time.

And don’t forget My Little Victims, with “realistic dismemberment action.”

Until then, How Cool Is This ™?


Super-cool, super-giant Munchkin announcement to be made as soon as Steve gives me the OK.

Ooooo! Oooooooo! Can’t wait!

Evil grin.


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