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In case you haven’t been over to in the last week, you’ve missed David Reddick – he of “The Trek Life” fame – and his snazzy take on the Dork Tower gang.

I’d like to thank Dave tons for letting me hide for a while, and take some time off. And when I say “take some time off,” I mean work furiously on other projects.


Mike Pohjola, Ropecon (pronounced “ROPE-uh-con”) information officer, is asking folks to spread the word about this year’s show.

Welcome to Ropecon!

Held this year on August 10-12, a few miles from the center of Helsinki, Finland, Ropecon is Europe’s biggest independent roleplaying convention.

Biggest means we expect around 4000 visitors. Independent means it’s all done on a volunteer basis. You won’t be seeing big computer game ads in this con.

This year, the themes of Ropecon are romance, and co-operation. Romance as in romance novels or Romanticist art movement or love. Co-operation as in co-operative games or co-operation between gamers all over.

Roleplaying in the the Nordic countries is a popular hobby prominently displayed in the mainstream media. As Northern Europe’s biggest roleplaying event, Ropecon provides an excellent chance to get to know this unique roleplaying phenomenon.

Ropecon goers are typically between 15 to 30 years of age, with roughly equal amounts of girls and boys. The programme consists of all sorts of gaming, as well as lectures and debates. There are several simultaneous tracts of programme, often at least one of them in English. All Finns naturally speak English, in case your Finnish is a bit rusty.

The guests of honor are Robin D. Laws, Emily Care Boss, and Jakob Rune Nielsen. Expect to also meet gamers from neighboring countries, especially Sweden and Estonia.

More information:

The con is staggeringly great fun. If you have any reason whatsoever to hit Finland this year, do it for Ropecon!


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