Frick! Double-frick! FRICK ON A STICK!!!

Because I’m a “Big Guy” in the industry, I’ll deign to give you all a cartoon today. I now expect you to shower me with valuable, valuable page views.

BIG huge, sarcastic, self-deprecating grin.

Massive thanks to the overwhelming response to the posted comment, by the way. That was amazing. Wow. The Army of Dorkness is the best.


Does anyone have a copy of 10 Days in Europe they’d like to swap for something? We’re all sold out of 10 Days, and the new printings will be grander. But as a completist, I’d like to have one of everything I’ve done, and apparently I gave away my copy at a convention. Plus, I loves me my 10 Days in Europe…


This is amazing.

That cheese film I worked on? “Living on the Wedge”?

It’s up for a fricking James Beard Award for Best Television Special.

As an unrepentant foodie, you hve NO idea how much this blows me away. I’ve no idea what our chances are, but even being mentioned in the same breath with the James Beard Foundation is something I’d have been utterly unable to even dream of just a few hours ago. The James Beard Awards are the Pulitzer Prizes of the entire American culinary world! I mean, ALTON FRICKIN’ BROWN won one!

Blown away? me?

Yes. And then some…

My team’s a frickin’ frackin’ James Beard nominee!

Holy frick on a stick!

Winners announced May 7.



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