Workers of the World Untie!

I was walking past the University Book Store yesterday, after purchasing far more paper than I really had intended to (hey – they had New Size Paper! THEY HAD NEW SIZE PAPER!), when I noticed the Young Socialists on either side of the square, waving the Daily Worker (or whatever their paper’s called) in the air, like they just don’ care.

Now, I’ve nothing against Young Socialists in principle, in much the same way I have nothing against oatmeal, in principle. Yet as I do whenever people are accosting others in the street, for whatever purpose, I become…ENGLISH MAN!

In other words, I look sheepishly away, and keep walking. I’d be a crap character in a zombie movie.

“Hey!” A cute, sincere, bespectacled undergrad-aged woman yelled at me, as I tried to slip quietly by. “Do you want another Middle Eastern war based on lies and greed?”

I stopped, paused for a split second, and burst out laughing.

“Why yes,” I said, turning to meet her earnest gaze. “Yes. That’s EXACTLY what I want. How did you ever know?”

She paused for a split second too, seemingly having never realized that this answer was even in the cards, and then burst out laughing as well.

I composed myself and walked away, giggling. She composed herself and yelled after me, ever-so-slightly not quite as sincere as before “I meant Congress and the President. Not you!“. But it was too late. Her moment was lost.

Also lost was any hope of me giving a buck to the socialists. My young activist friend will be happy to know that I’m saving it for some worthy cause. Perhaps a stripper…


In that vein, here is an illustration for the Kobolds Ate My Baby adventure that’ll come free in Dork Tower 36:, “Vosh, Slod and Bail Go to White Castle”:

I really love drawin’ Kobolds. It makes me werra, werra heppy.

EDIT: The Evil Wizards at 9th Level Games have turhed the above image into a piece of wallaper, which can be downloaded at the Kobolds Ate My Baby Yahoo Group page.


And here may be my favorite Munchkin card of all time, soon to appear in Munchkin 5 – De-Ranged:”

I love this not just for the art alone, nor for capturing the expression on the Munchkin’s face. Nay, I managed to amuse myself with the knowledge of just how very well the drawing works with the title of the card:

“Find The Secret Door.”

I return to Insecure Artist Mode tomorrow. Today, however, I chuckle.



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