Cineplexity is IN DA HOUSE!

and available to order from the warehouse NOW!


It should be in stores in a few weeks.

SUPER SPECIAL HAPPY GO HOUR BONUS: The first printing of the game (the “Premier Edition”) has 200 EXTRA Cineplexity cards free, in the game. (The Premier edition has 500 cards. The regular edition will have more than 300 cards. Either way, there are THOUSANDS of card combinations. This first print run will just have some cards that will appear in Expansion Set I, which probably won’t be out until 2008, so, yeah, you might want to grab this now).

I know this is a game I’ve been pimping for a while now, but it truly is excellent – the best movie game I’ve played by far, and I’m so excited and happy that it’s finally out. It does for movie games what Apples to Apples does for party games, and I just adore it.

We’ll also be holding a Cineplexity Tournament the Saturday of the Wisconsin Film Festival, with tons of prizes.

Happy? Me? Why? What makes you think so?


The Party Game Where Movie Fans Connect

CINEPLEXITY® brings movie fans together for delightful movie madness! Each round, players race to name a movie that includes elements from two CINEPLEXITY Cards. Be the first to come up with a title and you win a point. With over 300 cards you’ll have hundreds of hours of fresh movie fun!



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