Jetlag-1, John-0

Jetlag is becoming a distant memory. My goodness, but it’s taken me a while to get over it this time. Will try to post a Warpcon report, though much of it, I fear, would be on a certain case of food poisoning a certain cartoonist got after a certain ill-advised chicken sandwich Friday night.

HUGE thanks to for supplying me with medicine, bananas and Seven-Up so that I was at least function the Sunday of the con. And others, of course. But set out on a long walk Saturday night to bring back supplies that at least got me eating again…


From the Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator (LJ feed of said Illuminator can be found HERE:

We got the proofs for Munchkin Cthulhu in the office the other day. I even got a picture of Alex and Monica going over them.

For those of you in northern states, yes, Alex is a wimp. It isn’t really that cold here in Austin.

The cards do look nice and creepy, though — well, as creepy as John Kovalic’s cute little creatures can look. I guess they’re cute and creepy, a fact that just enhances their innate wrongness.

Munchkin Cthulhu will begin shipping in March.

— Paul Chapman

Me creepy? ME creepy? What the HELL is that alien doing poking its head around the doorway in that photo?

Evil and cute. It’s what I do. I’m totally excited about Munchkin Cthulhu.


Today’s ‘toon went up a bit late. I’m hoping to move back to three times a week soon. Not next week, most likely. But soon. Sooooooon.

The basic idea was the Lovely and Talented Judith’s.

I’m a lucky, lucky man.


I won’t be in New York with Out of the Box during Toy Fair, but I’m psyched about our releases this year.

More on that later.


Not only has British Airways lowered its baggage weight limits (to 50 pounds) for long-haul routes, now they’re only going to only allow you ONE bag, with an almost $500 round-trip charge per extra bag. The old allowance was two bags.

What this means to me is simply I’ll have to quit flying BA transatlantic from Chicago. Which is a shame. But a one-bag limit for a European trip is almost absurd.

BA’s Big Thinkers have, apparently, become Bastard-covered Bastards with a Bastard filling. Or at the very least, very silly people.

Oh, look. Virgin Airways is starting London-Chicago service.

EDIT: From BA’s website: *World Traveller customers travelling / connecting to or from the US, Canada, Caribbean, Nigeria, Brazil and Mexico will continue to be allowed two checked bags in line with the local government regulations.

OK. That’s better for ME, but overall I still think it’s a bloody stupid decision.



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