Cthulhu New Year

Nose down in tons of work, so not much time to post stuff.

Here, however, is the limited-edition ANGRY My Little Cthulhu, that is being finished as we speak.

I’ll have the VERY FIRST My Little Cthulhu for the Warpcon Charity Auction (signed and authenticated). Expect to see them all in stores in a month or two. Apparently, pre-orders for these little guys are through the roof.

Also at Warpcon: I’ll be running the first-ever Apples to Apples British Isles Edition tourney. Expect some cool prizes!

I’ll also try and run the first Cineplexity tournament. This should also be in stores in a month or so.


Seventy-five percent of Target stores sold out of Apples to Apples before Christmas. Which is cool and all, but having games in stores is, like, way better.

The lovely and talented Judith and I played a few games of aBRIDGEd with our friends Todd and Sarah the other night. Man, and I deeply growing to love this game. It was an incredibly relaxing, fun evening. When you’re part of a game company, you look forward to some releases more than others. aBRIDGEd wasn’t one of the ones I was really waiting with baited breath for, but now that it’s out, I’ve grown to love it.

Really should bring a copy to Warpcon with me…


In the movie The Queen, Tony Blaire’s wife refers to the royal family as “a bunch of emotionally retarded natters.”

What’s a “natter”?



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