A Little Dorky News

OK. A little good news…

DORK TOWER 35 should be in most stores tomorrow! Huzzah, huzzah! A Dork Tower Christmas story out before Christmas? What a concept!

Seriously, I’m really psyched about this issue. It was a ton of fun to do, and it’s a little off the beaten path. So bug your local comics store and games store owners now! As if they’re lives weren’t difficult already!

AND Dork Tower 35 also makes a pretty cool and darn cheap Christmas present. Heck, it could also double as a Christmas card! So give the gift that keeps on giving the cartoonist something to buy food with! Dork Tower #35. And have a holly, jolly New Comics Day!

Plus new Dr. Blink and Lethargic Lad backups!


For those of you in Norway, or close by, the first issue of the comic book “M” is now on the stands, from Schibsted Forlagene.

(a) This is just pretty cool anyway, but also

(b) Dork Tower runs in Norwegian as a backup in each and every issue!

This makes Norwegian the sixth official language Dork Tower’s been translated in (ie, by good people who help me pay my rent, as opposed to pirated sites – I’M LOOKING AT YOU, HUNGARY), and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t seen issue 1 of “M,” yet, but I’m told it’s in the mail.

Any good gaming cons in Norway? I might have to make a trip over now…


Reasons to be cheerful, part III:

(1) The Crack Panda “Crack Ho Ho Ho” holiday mug I picked up for Judith just arrived.

(2) Just discovered “Scrubs.” Yes, I know I’m the last person on EARTH to do so. I don’t watch much TV at all, but wow, am I in love with this show. If I was writing for TV, this is totally the kind of writing I’d love to be doing (as you may see if you check out Dork Tower 35 – did I mention it’s out yet?) Anyhoo, I may soon be doing some writing for TV. Seriously. And it’s nice to stumble across stuff like this.

(3) The three dBs albums out on CD, plus the third Dexy’s Midnight Runners album (“Don’t Stand Me Down”).



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