Great news from Dragonmeet 06

Very short entry, today, since there’s a ton of work I’ve gotta do, and it’s already past 9 a.m. here.

Yeah, I died in the Infection game last Saturday. Why? Because I went to the gym. To do something healthy. Like not dying.

The good news is, before gymming, I got a call from James Wallis, who was at London’s Dragonmeet, asking if I wanted to put last week’s Dork Towers up for the charity auction. So I said I’d do one-time-only nice color prints of them, with the promise to never again make prints of them, since I thought those would look nicer than the originals.

James thanked me profusely, then left for the auction and, presumably, to mortgage his house to pay for the transatlantic cell phone call.

A couple of hours later, I get a phone call. It’s James, excitedly (but properly and Etonianly) telling me that the cartoons had sold for what he believed to be a record price in any English gaming charity auction.

Four hundred and fifty pounds.

This is what is know as gobsmackingly good news. Especially considering Dragonmeet is a one-day con. The total raised for charities by the entire auction was sixteen hundred pounds (less than the big Irish charity auctions garner, yes, but believe me, it’s pretty darned respectable anywhere else in the world).

Who won of the Dork Tower cartoons? Who took the “poison chalice,” as Simon Rogers so aptly noted? None other than Angus Abranson, who was featured in last Thursday’s toon. Yes, he of Leisure Games fame.

Now, $900 (pretty much what Angus’ potentially record-setting sum translates to on this side of the pond) is a ton of cash for anyone, so I’m gonna bump up the item and include original art, as well as one or two other cool things I haven’t quite figured out yet. Long story short: Angus will be getting a LOT more than he bid for.

These days, when it comes to cons, I just can’t promise anything, but I’ll try very, very, very hard to be at Dragonmeet next year.


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