Playing catch-up

Tough, tough week, for a number of reasons that were not birthday-related.

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes, btw. That was really nice. I usually just try and cower in a dark place during it.



Good news on the gaming front. Not only has Cineplexity been at press for a while now, but we’ve even designed a neat little 12-card sample pack Out of the Box will be giving away at conventions next year. Also, it looks like Munchkin Impossible is in most stores by now. Next up on the docket is 10 Days in Asia, which should go to press later this week, and is rapidly becoming my favorite of the “10 Days” series. Also, it’s a joy working closely with the game’s co-designer Alan Moon. Then Munchkin Cthulhu wraps up tomorry.

In amongst everything that’s been going on, I forgot to send a shout-out to Phil Reed, aka , who designed a nifty card game for two called Revolver that I did a few drawings for. In fact, you can see all the drawings I did for it on the cover. But the game is great. And who knows…if sales justify it, it could be expanded into a full-blown print product…with lots more drawings by me…

Available for the low, low price of $5 from Ronin Arts itself, or from rpgnow or DriveThruPRG


My Little Cthulhu seems to have made the pages of some Russian toy magazine, which is cool.

I’m working on the design for the second toy in the series now. I’ll post something once it’s OK’ed, but I think this’ll really blow people’s minds. Or at least make for some serious SAN checks.

MLC probably won’t be out by Christmas, but I may have some samples to bring with me to Warpcon. How many people would hate me if I put up the certified First One Ever up for the charity auction?


Onto the obscure Late 70’s/early 80s British New Wave Power Pop I love so.

I need to track down an MP3 of the Vapor’s “News At 10,” which just played over Muskrat Radio on Pandora.

Plus, anyone remember the Photos, a British another such band from, I think, 1980? I assumed the payola scandal their record company was in meant there was no way I’d ever be able to get the fantastic single, “Do You Have Fun,” anymore.

Ooooooo! Can’t believe it was recently available, and I missed it.



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