Fall, and a House of Ushers

I’m back in Madison, having seen my good friend Mr. James Wallis safely and happily married to the wonderful Cat Muir, in a small village in Suffolk disturbingly close to another small village called Dunwich.

Actually, when I say I saw him married, I actually didn’t see much of it at all: I was outside Walpole Old Church, struggling with torches and sparklers in a very blustery and uncooperative twilight, preparing for the happy couple’s exit from said house of worship.

Fortunately, all torches lit, all sparklers sparkled, and it was a picture-book wedding. What I missed by not always being in the chapel was more than made up for by the immense feeling of satisfaction of a potentially explosively life-threatening job well-done. Or at lest well enough that nobody noticed how ham-fisted I am with pyrotechnics.

That’s me, in my v. pricey but v. spiffy Moss Bros. rental morning suit. third from left. The estimable Mr. Wallis is fourth from left, and the utterly stupendous Gar Hanrahan third-in from right. The other ushers were all noble, well-bred, fascinating and, frankly, tall chaps, as seem to be many who know James.

It was, indeed, a brilliant time.

Many, many congratulations to the happy couple!


I’ve really enjoyed the issues of Knucklebones Magazine that I’ve seen, a sharp, relatively new gaming magazine that seems to always have something for everybody.

So it was a great treat to see one of their most recent articles:

If I’m not too jetlagged, I may make some Apples to Apples Cider tonight.

Sounds like it would go well with Igor Bars. Heh.

I’ve been meaning to subscribe to Knucklebones for a while. looks like the time has come.



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