One Week 'Til Dorkstock!

Dorkstock/Rock-Con is a mere week away (November 3-5). And it’s gonna be a BLAST.

Lots of games to be played. Out of the Box, Steve Jackson, Fantasy Flight (including the first OFFICIAL Mag*Blast third edition tourney), and others. (For heaven’s sake, Scott “Igor” Olman will be running Kobolds Ate My Baby again! The prize here? The COOL new Kobolds minis from Magnificent Ego Miniatures! ALL HAIL KING TORG!)

Only an hour from Chicago, Madison, and Iowa, with good bus connections if you don’t have a car, Rock-Con is one of the best regional gaming cons I’ve ever been to, and it makes me werra, werra heppy that Dorkstock is now so closely associated with it.

I myself will be running the official LAST Cineplexity pre-release tourney, and there will be an amazing prize for that, as well as others. I’ll also be running an aBRIDGEd tourney, a 10 Days tourney, a British Apples to Apples tourney, and much, much more. Many, many other games will be played. To say nothing of the now-infamous Igor Bar bake-off on Saturday. I hope you can make it.

One thing we’ll be doing is introducing a new tournament format for Blink: The Blink Bounty Button tournament. This will take the place of “Beat John at Blink,” because, honestyly, anyone can beat John at Blink, as was so painfully demonstrated last year. Ahem.

Bring your copy of Blink. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry. We’ll be supplying Blink decks to all who need one – yours to keep!

(At other cons, these will be sold for the tourney at cost or near-cost, so for three bucks., you’ll get a Blink deck and two Blink Bounty Buttons).

Blink Bounty Button Tournament Format:

Participants get two Blink Bounty Buttons (two, so that people are guaranteed at least two games), and a Blink deck.

The tournament will start Friday, but you can join in at any point over the weekend, including the last day, as long as the tournament has not ended.

Those in the tourney must wear their Blink buttons at any point during the show, or after the show, if they wish. Then, at any time during the convention, participants can challenge others wearing their Blink Bounty Buttons to a game of Blink, at any time. (There will also be a central HQ where people can hang around, looking for others who want a game).

At least one game is played, although players can agree beforehand to a two-out-of-three game. The winner takes one Blink Bounty Button from the loser, to keep, unless they, later, lose it in another game. The loser keeps their Blink deck, and any other Blink Bounty Buttons they have.

Players cannot challenge the same person twice in a row.

Players can challenge people involved in other games, but the challengee has the right of refusal during times they are involved in another game.

The winner of the tournament is the person who, at 1 pm on the last day of the show, has gained the most Blink Bounty Buttons. (If people leave early, they can register their Bounty Buttons at the HQ, but others will then obviously have more time to get more). All players must turn in their Blink Bounty Buttons, but are allowed to keep one as a souvenir, along with their copy of the game Blink.

Dorkstock is two and a half days, but the format should also work for single-day cons as well. Different Blink Bounty Buttons will be printed for different convention, so the button you keep will be a unique souvenir of the show.

Cool prizes WILL be awarded for first, second and third-place finishers. In case of a tie, Blink will be played to determine the final positions at 1 pm Sunday. If there is a tie, and one person has left the con, the tie goes to the remaining player still at the show. (So if you’re leaving early, try to get as many games in as you can).

The Blink Bounty Button Tournament format is (c) and (t) John Kovalic and Out of the Box games.

REALLY can’t wait to see how this plays out.



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