Wednesday Afternoon Goodness

Just noticed 1600* people have now friended my LiveJournal blog, so…um…I’d better post something.


British Isles Apples to Apples should be in stores UK- (and Ireland)-side by this point in time. About bloody time. 🙂

If you’re not in the UK, you can now get the British Apples version over at the Out of the Box website, like, now.

If you don’t wanna search the site for it, you can go there directly from here.

The German Language Edition can be found here, stateside. (In Germany, it’s available from those brilliant madmen at Pegasus Spiel, where, look, you can also get the German language version of Kobolds Ate My Baby. (How does one say “All Hail King Torg” in German?)

Back to Apples to Apples in English, the Bible Edition is also now available at the OTB website.


And but so…

Of course, THIS Christmas, I’ll be giving plenty of copies of Scott Bateman’s Sketchbook of Secrets and Shame, my contributor’s copy of which arrived this morning.

Huzzah, hurrah, this book rocks on toast!. Seriously. Absolutely freaking hilarious. I even dropped it off for the Lovely and talented Judith, at work, it’s that good. Packed with over 300 of Scott’s best sketchbook entries, along with some short essays by some pretty famous people (and one by me, as well, but for heaven’ sake, don’t let THAT keep you from picking up thisterrific little book).

As the one review over at Amazon notes,

This book is great fun. Bateman’s single panel cartoons are full of sarcasm and wit, regardless of if he’s poking fun at the president in the oval or the goth kid at the mall. I love that his characters seem to be able to laugh at themselves, and bring the reader along for the ride.

I highly recommend this book.

So do I. Serious fun, Slappy.


And, hey – back on the Out of the Box side of thing, we’ve almost got Cineplexity out the door and to the printers.

We’ll be playing a LOT of Cineplexity over at Dorkstock/Rockcon in just a few weeks. And a ton of other great games, as always. C’mon over. It’ll be a blast.

* Give or take a few adds and drops. 1604 friends, and I’ll do a comic book about it. Grin.



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