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I’m doing a series of cartoons on some of the more mundane aspects of the day-to-day life of the Dork Tower characters. In part, to make sure I’m happy with the relatively new (and relatively consistent) four-panel format at, and in part just to play with a new kind of paper and size I’m drawing to. But mostly to help define the characters in my mind, and in readers’ minds. what they do, day-to-day, what they’re like away from the drawing table, etc.

Last week, obviously, was Gilly. More Gilly will come. Gilly’s been away from the web strip for too long now.

This week, however, it’s Ken.


Someone in Russia (I know there are a few of you reading this blog) – would you be willing to translate a letter for me I’d like to write?

It shouldn’t be too long at all. And it should be something someone would be able to read to a two year-old, and have them understand.

I guess most people who read this blog have a good idea who it’s intended for.


There’s a great interview with Steve Jackson over at The Escapist magazine.

There are many reasons I like working with Steve on stuff.

The possible project behind this tidbit of the interview is just one of them.

TE: Which of your games would you most like to see turned into a videogame?

SJ: If I could just wave my hand and make it happen now? Munchkin.

TE: Munchkin?

SJ: Yeah. With Car Wars in second place. And the only reason Car Wars is in second place is that Car Wars had its greatest popularity 10 years ago, and Munchkin’s greatest popularity was last month and has been last month for more than a year. It just keeps going up! So Munchkin is the hot property right now. Car Wars would make a wonderful, wonderful game, and so would Munchkin, but they’d just be different games. And so would Illuminati and so would Ogre and so would yadda yadda yadda I can’t do them all at once.

TE: What would a Munchkin videogame look like?

SJ: It would look a lot like John Kovalic drew it. I would absolutely want to keep the Kovalic art style.

Collective fingers crossed, folks.


Several other cool articles online, at the Escapist right now. Ace reading.


I need to send something to Ireland for the Gaelcon charity auction.

It will rock. But I need an address to send it to, believing – as I do – that Gaelcon is coming up quickly.


Asks Google, when I search for Gaelcon:

Did you mean “Gencon”?



Lookit! 557 Brains served. No waiting!… Graaaagh!



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