British Apples and Super Munchkins

Some terrific news: The British Isles Edition of Apples to Apples has landed!

In Britain, at any rate. Which is the whole point.

According to my good friend Angus Abranson’s blog:

One bright point of the day was receiving a delivery from David Westnedge (a UK games company) who are distributing the all new “British Isles Edition” of Apples to Apples! Apples to Apples is a great party game and one that gets pulled out at family gatherings with my Mum, sisters and various other halves. It can be utterly hilarious and I’ve still not forgiven Sister #3 (Gen) for some of her answers…

Anyway, why is this edition so special? Well, apart from being UK and Irish-centric and being an absolutely fabulous game (meaning we should be able to sell loads of it :p) it’s also the first game product of 2006 that has my name in it (that I’m aware of anyway?). Alongside James Wallis and Cat Muir I helped suggest, fact find, edit and proof read the new ‘British Isles’ cards for the set. For this mighty task (yeah – like it was a real strain for you – Ed) I got a ‘Special Thanks’ mention and also treated to a meal by the mighty John Kovalic (one of the owners of Out of Box – the US company that publishes the game) when i was in Vegas last March.

So, huzzah, huzzah! Looks like there will be much Apples to Apples to be played at Warpcon next January!

Now, if you can’t wait, I’m sure Angus’ store, the brilliant Leisure Games, in Finchley, London will be willing to ship British Apples to Apples anywhere within Europe, and possibly out of it, as well.

The plan is to also have it on sale on the US web site, so expats can get them without having to pay airmail rates.

My guess is that other fine British games stores, like Bloomsbury’s Playin’ Games, and too many others to list, should soon have it in as well.

From the back of the box:

This edition of the American smash-hit family and party game, Apples to Apples, contains hundreds of new cards specifically designed for players from the British Isles and those familiar with the area, and its cultures and history.

APPLES TO APPLES is the wild, award-winning card and party game that provides instant fun for four to ten players!

It’s as easy as comparing “apples to apples”… just open the box, deal the cards, and you’re ready to play! Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win that round. And everyone gets a chance to be the judge!

Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events. Fastmoving and refreshing, Apples to Apples is perfect for any get-together with family and friends!
Price: £24.99

Can’t wait!


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a BOX!

And it’s’s almost here! It’s almost here! From the Steve Jackson Games website:

Spiffy, isn’t it?

Super Munchkin 2 – The Narrow S Cape is sporting our new tuckbox packaging, suitable for hanging on a rack, sliding into a shelf, or being displayed face out. But if you’re not interested in packaging geekery, the cards inside will add mightily to the glee you derive from crushing your opponents in Super Munchkin.

Super Munchkin 2 – The Narrow S Cape is currently traveling across America’s heartland from the printer to our warehouse, where shipping is set to begin Real Soon Now. If you haven’t asked your retailer to pre-order it yet, now’s the time!



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