Big Announcement Friday

It’s a gray, rainy Friday in Madison, but that’s OK. The Lovely and Talented Judith and I took the plunge and had some landscaping done over the last two days, and we’re marvelously happy with the results. I spent much of yesterday afternoon walking around our new garden and grinning like an idjut. Which is not a very adult reaction for someone who suddenly felt very much like an adult.

Now onto the bathroom redesigns…


Before the Big Announcement, some Cool News.


The world’s first opera based on a comic strip staged a full dress rehearsal in Portland last night, and by all indications it was an astounding success.

Read all about the Too Much Coffee Man Opera in Shannon Wheeler’s LiveJournal Blog. And if you live nearby, for heaven’s sake, see this! If only because I can’t, and I’d desperately like to! There are only four performances, so hurry!


Scott Bateman is certifiably insane.

Immediately on the heels of his Bateman365 “animation a day” project, he’s animating a full B-movie (perhaps “C-movie” or “D-movie” would be more apropos), “Atom Age Vampire.”

You can catch the regular updates at his new “Atom Age Vampire” blog, right here!.

Lotsa geeky fun here. Tell the neighbors.


Does anyone else catch the web fan sitcom, Glint of Hope’s “Hero Envy”? Because you really should. It’s been rocking my worlds ever since Keith Gleason sent me the groups mega-funny first DVD.

“Hero Envy” is full of fannish humor on steroids, and gets better and better with each episode. I’m loving it, and must say it’s well worth checking out. The humor’s dark and biting and makes me yearn to do something similar with Dork Tower. which, of course, I can’t. Which is why I’m me and they’re them. Which is good for the world.

And also for me, since I can just sit back and enjoy it.


Lastly, here’s the big news I’ve been hinting at for a while, but have been too lazy/busy to post pictures of.

Some of you who were at Dragon*Con may have seen the new “My Little Cthulhu” T-shirts.

Well, that’s not the end of it. “My Little Cthulhu” is actually going to be a full-blown, 8″ tall vinyl collector’s toy, complete with a set of “Little Victims” that Cthulhu can take apart and munch on, available from Dreamland Toyworks, Producers of Urban Vinyl and other Cool Things.

Here’s a production sketch:

And…ta-DAH…here’s the unpainted sculpts from China!

We’re looking at November/December availability, and this should be soliciting in Diamond Previews and other fine catalogs soon!

This is all pretty exciting. The sculpts look just the way I saw them in my mind’s eye, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Kinda like My Little Cthulhu has his hands on those victims. Heh.

And just WAIT for the NEXT release!


Speaking of All Things Cthulhu, here’s some more madness from Munchkin Cthulhu.


Now, back to makin’ comics…



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