John Kovalic's Sketchbook Of Secrets and Muskrats

Time marches on. Which is a big reason why people hate it, and never ask it round for tea.

Philly was great (the Reading Terminal Market rocks), the side-trip to Johnstown to visit family I haven’t seen in far too long was great, but now time says I’ve gotta get my nose to the grindstone and crank out some ‘toons and games and stuff.

So no big post today. Just some sketchbook hoo-hah.

And a little Chez Geek silliness I did for a friend of a friend.

Click on “Continue Rambling” (below) to see llarger versions of these things…if you DARE!

More stuff when I can come up for air again…including info on what a business dinner in Philly was all about!



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