Fall Clearence

No word from Russia yet – part of what’s been driving me nuts this summer – but I’d like to get started on Louisa’s room.

Which means clearing out a lot of the old games and gaming stuff, moving some to other rooms, and selling some things that I just don’t use that much…if at all.

I’ve decided that, to start things off, much of my clicky collection really must go (heartbreaking though it is).

I’ve got full sets of:

DC HeroClix Hypertime (130 figures, including uniques)

Marvel HeroClix Infinity Challenge (150 figures, including uniques)

Marvel HeroClix Clobberin’ Time (96 figures, including uniques)

Marvel HeroClix Xplosion (96 figures, including uniques)

Mechwarrior Dark Ages (116 figures, including uniques)

What would be the best way to sell these? On Ebay? Somehow else?

Lots of painted historical miniatures to come, as well. Not my beloved core armies, of course. Just stuff I don’t really use that much anymore.

Then, of course, there are the roleplaying games and board games.

As this Fall Cleaning continues, and I figure out the best way to do this, I’ll probably post new stuff on a weekly basis.



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