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The Dork Tower web site needs redesigning and revamping…BADLY.

It strikes me that I just don’t have the time for this, or I would have done it months ago.

Should I hold some sort of web design competition? Or are there any designers out there who’d want to help, for the sheer fannish fun of it, along with, say, a ton of Out of the Box and Steve Jackson games, plus, say, again, some original art? Plus all the kudos and karma that would come along with such a thing?

Sleek, cool and keen would be the major directions I’d like to go with this.

So let’s take a vote: should I hold an actual competition for this, or just hope someone pops up with a cool design before then?


One thing I hope to do with the web site soon is put up a long-needed section for Fan Art.

Here’s a terrific Munchkin piece by Drake Fenwick to kick things off. Can you spot all the Munchkin references?


My mindset this summer has been something awful. I’ll post more on that next week, but I’ve too long neglected sending the trade paperbacks to people who donated to the Scott Bateman New Computer Fund.

I’ll try to get those out this week.


The lovely and talented Judith and I were in Las Vegas last weekend for a wedding.

It was hot and crowded and sweaty, but the wedding was fun, and three great meals were had, the best being at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, which almost made taking a red-eye back to Milwaukee worth it. The Beignets de Brandade de Morue – finally tried them, and wow, were they mind-blowing. For a main course, I had to order the mussels again, just to make sure that they were, indeed, the best I’ve ever had.

They were. But I have to experiment with the rest of the menu next time.


Milwaukee’s General Mitchell airport has a swell used bookstore inside it. More airports should.

Looking for some light summer reading, to harken back to my school days, I picked up Harry Harrison’s “A Transatlantic Tunnel! Hurrah!”, a kind of quasi-Victorian alternate earth modern day tale.

Mostly, I discovered my tastes have changed drastically since school. The book was an easy read, and wasn’t bad, but was a bit linear for my tastes, without any real conflict, but lots or detailed techno-porn, albeit of a 1970’s/Victorian sort.

Still, i sort of wished I’d instead tackled the Horatio Hornblower book I packed, or the Tim Powers book has been harping on me to plough through. My guess is either would have been more satisfying…

I wonder if I’d feel the same way had I re-read The Stainless Steel rat after all these years?

While I almost learned to read on Asimov, I dread going back to that, lest those yarns, too, feel dated, and my cherished memories of Robotic Laws and Hyperspace and Multivacs suffer in the process.


I may have to pop into Philadelphia briefly next week.

What are the restaurants that have to be tried, there?

On the other end of the spectrum, who serves the best cheesesteak?



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