Scapes on a Plate

If you’re not up on your internets (you know – the tubes), today’s cartoon may be pretty damn obscure, and downright unfunny. Even more so than most of my stuff usually is.

You not only need to have heard about “Snakes on a Plane,” but also need to know one of its most (in)famous lines.

Every now and then, an idea will pop into my head that’s pretty damn stupid.

And fun. To me, at any rate.

And obscure. Ish.

And that’s just fine.

From time to time, I’ll draw something up, even if I know, say, ten people will get it. Simply because I think those ten people might just laugh their asses off at it.

Which may, in fact, be the only benefit of not being paid for the ‘web cartoons. I can indulge myself from time to time.

Anyhoo, we did, in fact, get some garlic scapes in our farm box the other week. Yet to use them, actually. But that’s where the idea came from. If the Fuzzy storyline hadn’t taken so long to get through, this ‘toon would have run two weeks ago.

I expect about half of the folks reading today’s Dork Tower will grok it, and the other half will prolly be dumbfounded. Not through any fault of their own.

It was just a dumb idea that I wanted to draw up.

A dumb, dumb idea leading to a dumb, dumb joke.

And some days, that’s OK.



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