Midnight on the Munchkin Oasis…

It is midnight, Central Standard Time.

I’m buzzing on Bushmills. Damn you, Warpcon! Damn you, Garry Jackson and your eighteen-year-old Jameson’s, and your making me fall in love with Irish Whiskey!!! 🙂

Yeah…I’m missing Origins. Mixed feelings, but I’m finally finishing Munchkin Impossible, which, for some reason, took far longer than I ever thought it would (but which I’m totally psyched about).

Complaints about World Cup Spoilers aside, is it now safe to talk about France over Spain (choke, choke), and Brazil over Ghana (WOW, did Ghana play awesome)?

Seriously: LOVE Spain. It’s where my parents live. Malaga rules! But…wow. That was NOT the way to play an ascendant France. (Also love France. HEY! I spent much school-time in France, including a semster in Nice. Plus, Paris + Cassoulet + 10th anniversary trip = memories of a lifetime).

Point the second.: after reading Shannon Wheeler’s journal, I realizer I have an ex-girlfriend story to beat MOST ex-girlfriend stories. Perhaps I shall even tell it soon. (Hint: it involves Stephen Colbert).

Point the third: I’m trying to come up with a complete setlist for Aimee Mann’s Saturday show. But I’m not sure about my notes for the first song she played of the first encore:

“That’s not what you thought…
It’s not going to stop…”

I know I know the song, but I just can’t place it…

Any Aimee Mann fans out there who can help?

Point the fourth: Once Dork Tower 35 and Munchkin Impossible are done, where should The Lovely and Talented Judith and I go for a break:

(a) The St. Lawrence seaway.

(b) Banff.

(c) Iceland.

(d) Other (and if so, will you pay for us to go there? Grin.)

EDIT: 1:14 am. Done what I set out to do today, workwise. Bed now.

EDIT 2: 1:24 am. Aimee Mann song identified. Thanks! So…here’s her full Madison set (and the albums the songs can be found on):

High On Sunday 51 – Lost in Space
Goodbye Caroline – The Forgotten Arm
You’re With Stupid Now – I’m With Stupid
You Could Make a Killing – I’m With Stupid
Save Me – Magnolia (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Video – The Forgotten Arm
One – Magnolia (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Little Bombs – The Forgotten Arm
Lost In Space – Lost in Space
It’s Not Safe – I’m With Stupid
4th of July – Whatever
Medicine Girl (?) – New song with words by Aimee’s step-sister
Nothing is Good Enough – Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo)
You Do – Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo)
Frankenstein – I’m With Stupid

First Encore:
Wise Up – Magnolia (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Red Vines – Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo)
The Other End (Of The Telescope) – All This Useless Beauty (Elvis Costello version)

Second Encore:
I’ve Had It – Whatever



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