England 2 – Sweden 2

What a miserable English defense in the last minutes of the game.

The last goal was meaningless. At least as far as World Cup standings went. And I guess I’d prefer to see England take on Ecuador than Germany next round.

But still…bleah!

Oh, well. On to cool stuff OTHER people are doing…


From the One and Only Wolfgang Baur (wolfgangbaurATgmail.com):


I’m hoping you can drop a mention of my upcoming kobold-friendly adventure on your site.

I promise that it includes baby-eating kobolds. Promise promise promise.

The “patron publishing” experiment for this one is described here, and so far the patrons include some heavy game industry hitters as well as newcomers and savvy DMs.

However, it’ll only fly if a few more patrons sign up for this puppy before July.

Can you help a gamer out?

Wolfgang Baur

VERY cool project! PLUS, Baby Eating Kobolds!

Everyone check this out. It’s nifty.


Ahhhhh, the proud father:

Scott Bateman’s Sketchbook of Secrets and Shame is finally out.

I think the book even contains a small essay I did, along with some of my Crack Panda Steet Team photos.

Head over to Scott’s LJ, for info on ordering your copy.


Speaking of extreme niftiness, I just stumbled across an article on Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man: The Opera at Newsarama.

I mean, not to sound too Rachael Ray, but how cool is that?

Scheduled for late 2006, if you’re even NEAR Portland, Oregon, you’ve gotta check it out!

More details to follow. But cool images now. OR, just subscribe to Shannon’s LJ, and keep up to date.


As if England’s 2-2 result wasn’t enough…

the BBC cancels Top of the Pops. (Although I did get my laff of the day, upon reading that Pan’s People were considered a “highlight” of the 1970s broadcasts).

Tony Blackburn – who is another Old Millfieldian – has some interesting memories of the show. Unfortunately, I lost the link to some photos of past Pops performaces – I definitely remember seeing the Queen bit they have a photo from, as well as some of the other 70s/80s spots.



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