The Lovely And Talented Judith Speaks

It seems some folks were taken aback by the fact that The Lovely and Talented Judith has forbidden me from going into space.

Well, upon reading the replies, Judith has decided to explain her reasoning.

Dear LiveJournal Friends of John:

This is why John can’t go into space:

Reason #1:

“Scientists have long known the center of the moon is about 238,700 miles from the center of Earth.”

That is just too far away — and the cell phone service would probably suck so we couldn’t call and discuss every indigo bunting on the bird feeder or say good night every bedtime like we do now. Must speak with John daily if not hourly.

Reason #2:

I hate to quote a Bruce Willis movie, BUT, chances are John would be a Cartoonist-in-Space for NASA. Who wants to send their loved-ones into space sitting on government equipment built by the lowest bidder? Not me – I love my husband.

And, in my defense:

IF, it was going to be a totally cool experience, a perfectly safe and well-built spaceship with Han Solo at the helm, AND John would be home in time to make me panfried trout and grilled asparagus for dinner (yummy!), AND I am supplied with enough “happy pills” to get me through the stress of it all, then, yes, John can go into space.


Makes perfect sense to me.

I adore my wife.


Picked this up from my pal Chris Pramas . Worth making into a meme:

10 Things I Learned in the Past Year

Raw oysters with just a touch of lemon are among the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Meat isn’t murder…mostly.

Bone marrow makes an amazing appetizer.

My wife is even more awesome than I ever suspected.

Firefly kicks all kinds of ass.

I don’t miss conventions.

I still love drawing comics and comic books. (Something I doubted during this year of living hellishly).

Until Louisa gets here (fingers crossed), my entire life is on hold.

Having your entire life put on hold by bureaucrats is living hell.

A one-year-old girl can break your heart.


Yes, today’s cartoon will be made into a t-shirt. It should be available by Origins or GenCon.

More news as it happens.


Dork Tower #34 and Dr. Blink #3 should be shipping from distributors this week, and should should be in stores this week or next. Start bugging your stores now! In a polite, respectful way, of course.

So a real cool review from’s “Comics Waiting Room” column (penned as always by Marc Mason) is timely indeed!



Written and Drawn by John Kovalic
Published by Dork Storm

After a long layoff, due to some cool real world distractions for Kovalic, DORK TOWER returns, as strong as ever. This issue puts the focus on Ken, as Kovalic continues to spread the spotlight out amongst the cast. Ken’s problems are two-fold; one, he’s struggling to write good game modules for his friends, because he lacks an inherent passion and zest that pushes his stories to the next level. And that problem informs the second issue facing him: he’s oblivious to the needs of the girl in his life. Kovalic makes Ken’s troubles as a writer feel very real; anyone who’s ever sat at the keyboard and couldn’t figure out how to make their story jump from “okay” to “great” knows exactly how he feels. And you don’t have to be a writer to know how hard it is to read the signals from your significant other that she’s being neglected. Throw in well-executed movement on Matt and Igor’s plots, too, and this is a strong return for a terrific book.


Tomorrow: lotsa updates on what OTHER people are doing!



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