Oil and Water and Wipeouts

Today’s cartoon went up late on Dorktower.com. Sorry about that. I’m trying to get to the point where the Monday/Wednesday/Friday ‘toons are up first thing in the morning.

Fingers crossed.


Many people asked if posters made from Monday’s cartoon are available. Well, they aren’t, for several very good legal reasons, but you could probably create a decent screensaver by going to Everraven’s LJ, and downloading the original that inspired the cartoon…


Today’s cartoon, by the way, really IS based on an awful lot of responses to Monday’s cartoon.


I’m anxiously awaiting the first copies of Dork Tower #34 and Dr. Blink #3 to arrive by FedEx from Canada today.

This is always a squirrely time. You double-checked the files, you double-checked the proofs, but you won’t be satisfied until the things are safely in your hands.

I honestly can’t wait for these two issues to come out. Hope you guys like ’em.


On Ben Roethlisberger, yes, I heard. Thanks.

Stupid bloody thing, if you ask me. But even if he had been wearing a helmet, he could’ve been hurt. Most likely not as badly, but…as Terry Bradshaw said, save the motorcycle for after your career.

Less known but closer to home, Alton Brown, a good friend of Dork Tower, and a great sport, wiped out on HIS motorcycle and broke his collar bone in the Nevada desert while filming his new Food Network limited series, (now ironically) titled “Feasting On Asphalt”.

Even well-protected, that looks like a helluva wipeout. I guess it was captured on film, and will actually be in the series.

And the Lovely and Talented Judith wonders why I don’t want her going anywhere NEAR a motorcycle.

In case you think this is harsh, she, in return, has forbidden me from ever going into space, or going to war.

So it all evens out, in the end.


The only two TV food-types I watch are Alton and Anthony Bourdain, each awesome in very different ways. I suspect each holds the other in more than a little disdain.

Alton Brown’s “I’m Only Here For the Food” and “Gear for your Kitchen” books are two of my most-referenced, while “Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook” is a delight, with recipes clearly explained and straightforward to follow. Pretty much every meal I’ve made from this has been great, if I do say so myself. But that’s nothing to do with me: these recipes are just solid bistro fare.

That’s me in a nutshell. Part geek, part punk. Like oil and water, they may not SEEM to mix at first, but…

Oh, yeah. All books have terrific graphic design.

Buy them. Now.

Then watch my id and ego battle it out.



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