A dour day indeed

Judith and I took an early-morning walk today, picking wild flowers for a funeral.

Unfortunately, mortality seems the theme for the day.


Tim Hildebrandt, RIP.

The Brothers Hildebrandt were about as influential to my generation as they come. Tim Hildebrandt passed away Sunday, at the age of 67.


Jack “Jaxon” Jackson, RIP

Austin artist Jack “Jaxon” Jackson, generally credited as the first underground cartoonist, died last Thursday. He was 65. Jackson’s first underground comic, “God Nose,” appeared in 1964. He co-founded Rip Off Press, one of the first independent publishers of underground comics in San Francisco in 1969.


Something cheerier is needed.

Fortunately, there are Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s.

Should put anyone in a good mood just knowing this stuff hasn’t been served in, like, 30 years.

Of course, it’s due for a comeback!


Anyone remember the Cameras, a British band that was pretty much destroyed as soon as a payola scandal by their label was discovered?

They had a great single before they were sunk, “Do You Have Fun,” I think was the name.

Any idea where that might be available on MP3?

Speaking of long-lost music, what was the name of that BBC (I think) series, about a girl band? It ran around 1979-1980, I think. Spawned one single…something with a line something like of “You just want to do me, but I don’t want to be done.” Not bad, for ear candy.

Lastly, a novelty group from 1980 or so, the Heebee Geebees. Anybody remember them, or their hit, “Meaningless Songs in very High Voices”? Lost my cassette of them years ago. Not a hugely high priority, but if anybody has a copy…

For some reason, hearing the Vapor’s “New At Ten” (also an MP3 search) on Muskrat Radio (my Pandora station) got me to thinking about all this.


Oddest Spam subject line of the week: “Does it Behoove You to own This Stock?”

Behoove? Behoove?

Stop puttin’ on airs, and go back to peddling Skuper V1*ankra.



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