Ten Years Encore

It’s Judith and my tenth wedding anniversary today. Ta-rant, ta-rah.

So we’re in Paris. Where we spent our honeymooon. Ten years ago.

Just popping up for air. And to say sorry for not posting more in the last week or so.

My French is as bad as ever. But I’m less self-conscious about it now. And my tastes have developed a bit more, so I’m enjoying the cuisine far more than I would have thought possible ten years ago.

Tried the fois gras. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I feel guilty as hell. Leave me to my suffering. I know I may never have it again, because, you know, it’s like evil and stuff. But, damn…wow.

Saturday, we were at Trafalgar Square in London, for a big anti-racism concert that was headlined by Belle and Sebastian! Joy! Lots of little kids getting drunk. The theme of the day was “Love Music, Hate Racism.” It could have been “Love Vodka in a Paper Bag, hate Racism.” Apparently, a lot of the kids hated racism so much, they passed out on the steps of the Canadian Embassy.

But Belle and Sebastian played a tight little set, and it made up for missing them in Milwaukee a few weeks ago.

So tonight, we took the Metro to the Les Halles section of Paris, and ate at Au Pied De Cochon, which was super and everything.

Then we got back to the hotel, and grabbed the elevator.

Some musicians ran in before the door shut. Usually, I hate that kind of thing.

Save for the fact that this time… it… was… half… of… freaking… Belle… and… Sebastian… who… got… on… the… elevator… with… us.They’re are staying in our hotel!

After plenty of gushing (they’re also apparently staying on our floor, and were polite enough to listen to my raving long after we all got off the elevator), I have to say – Nicest. Band. Ever!

They’re playing two shows in Paris. Which I fear we have to miss, due to transatlantic flights and everything. Home soon. Time to kick the house-sitter out. And, like, make some money to pay for this trip.

But truly, an unforgettable 10th anniversary.



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