Ten Years On

Two days of all-day Out of the Box meetings have kind of drained me.

There’s lots of cool, fun stuff on the way. But for the moment, I’m exhausted.

Unfortunately, I’ve also got a ton of work to do. Plus, I’ve got something Very Big coming up next week. Much needs to get done before it.

What this means is, I may well have to miss popping down to Little Wars, a superb historical minis convention in Lincolnshire, near Chicago, even for half a day this weekend.This makes the Baby Jesus cry.

It also means that I’ll not have much time for LJ updates. The Baby Jesus is prolly apathetic about this.

The good news is that this Big Thing ™ is the Lovely and Talented Judith and my 10-year wedding anniversary. Ta-roo, ta-ray!

Which means that it’s not too long from Dork Tower’s 10th anniversary (the first strip was drawn in October, 1996).

It wasn’t a particularly good strip. But it got better. Which turned out to be a plus.

I’m thinking of releasing a 10-year anniversary full-color collection of ALL the Dork Tower Shadis strips, ALL the Dork Tower Dragon strips, plus all the Dragon Unspeakable Oafs, as a kind of bonus. Probably recoloring some of the early strips, so that they don’t look so eye-bleeding awful.

Not sure what to call it…we’ll see.



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