How bad could his singing have BEEN?

If it hasn’t already been, this oughta be FARKed:

Briton held as terror suspect over punk song
Lyric from Clash anthem ‘London Calling’ raised suspicions of taxi driver.

LONDON – British anti-terrorism detectives escorted a man from a plane after a taxi driver had earlier become suspicious when he started singing along to a track by punk band The Clash, police said on Wednesday.

Full story here


So – where abouts are you located?

Apparently, I’ve got one of those dang Frappr maps going, once I replied to a friend’s request to join her map.

Also apparently, I’ve been told by Those Who Know that gets something like 40,000 unique visitors a day.

So choose a Frappr map, and let me know where you are!

I think you can find my personal map here.

Plus, the old Army of Dorkness one is here.

And speaking of maps, man, does a trip to Siberia wipe off a lot of white space on those pesky Maps of Countries You’ve Visited…

create your own visited countries map.

(Three pages drawn so far today, so I can screw off a little, before going to the gym…)



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