Daily Dork Towers this week!

I ran today’s cartoon early (last Saturday, to be precise) to hit April 1.

Like last year’s April 1 “Dork Mirror” series, this one will run every day this week. Many thanks to the irrepressible Jape, for yet another great mirror universe series. It rocks.


Full reports on all five movies I saw at the Wisconsin Film Festival coming soon. Plus the Cineplexity World Premier report. I’ve just got a ton or work today, and I have to get stuck into it. I’ve already re-done the cartoon for Dragon 344 (the 30th anniversary issue of the fine publication. But the sheer number of pages I’ve got to get through today, plus a trip to the gym, leaves very little time for blogging.

But in short:

Cineplexity Premier – it rocked. We had the perfect number of people show up to keep two tables of ten people playing straight from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm – a half-hour later than we were scheduled for. People just didn’t want to stop playing. Folks seemed to have a grand time. There may be some photos in today’s Capital Times.

Lonesome Jim – Directed by Steve Buscemi. All the movies I saw I’d rate as 4 out of 5 (above average, but not perfect). This was a high 4, though. Some hilarious lines, and a great performance by Mary Kay Place as the ever-suffering, ever chipper mother. Several laugh-out-loud lines made this a very memorable little film.

Metal – a Headbanger’s Journey – The access and interviews of this documentary, written and directed by a die-hard fan of metal, were definitely its strengths. This was a lower “4” score, had the ballots allowed for such subtleties. But I left the flick having enjoyed it, with a few quibbles. Most Interesting Thing learned: Ronnie James Dio is a shrimp.

Ferry Tales – Another entertaining, if short, documentary about the powder room of the Staten Island Ferry. Lost its way a little bit when it moved into September 11 territory, but nevertheless interesting.

Muskrat Lovely – Needs to be seen to be believed. Focussing on a beauty pagent that coincides with a Muskrat Festival in Maryland, one would-be beauty queen chose, for her “talent” portion of the competition, skinning a muskrat. Though at times I had to avert my eyes, this honest-to-goodness documentary at times seemed something Christopher Guest (“Best in Show,” “A Mighty Wind”) would have written.

Triviatown – The documentary on the Stevens Point Trivia competition (the world’s largest) was perhaps the most highly-anticipated film of the festival. Some minor sound and focus problems kept it from being a “5,” but it was a two-hour flick that felt like half that length, it was so entertaining. Meeting some of the contestants featured in the movie afterwards, in a director’s “Q&A” was an added bonus.

When these come out on DVD, I’d recommend them all. For me, five films in three days was a lot, so I took a pass on “New York Doll,” which I really wanted to see, but was just too tired for Sunday night. It should be out on DVD, anyway. I’ll catch it then.


Speaking of documentaries, “Living on the Wedge” is going to make it’s television premiere on Thursday, May 4, at 7:30p (with a repeat Wednesday, May 10 at 9:30p) on WHA – Wisconsin Public Television in Madison. So spread the word and watch, if you can. (Would that make this a cheese spread?)

I did some animated maps for this documentary on artisanal cheese producers. I was originally to do some illustrations. Don’t ask how I ended up being a ma-maker. But at least I now have a bona-fide TV credit to my resume.


Tonight, I’ve blocked the evening out to paint some minis. I’m finishing off my British 8th Army for Flames of War (completing my 25-pounder eight-gun battery, and adding a few Matildas and Deacon 6-pounder portees), then launching into an Anglo-French early war army. Lotsa cool, ugly tanks and AFVs that I’ve always wanted to play with.

With luck, at some point this week, I’ll post photos, and also write up the battle report from Chris Pramas’ and my clash at the GAMA trade show. It was a close-run affair, and I was very fortunate to escape with the narrowest of victories. It was a ton of fun, though, and now my mind’s wandering through the possibilities of other armies to paint up.

I’m such a geek.



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