I have much good news to report.

All that can wait, however, because there’s some really great news to report.

Scott Olman is one of my very favorite people in the entire world.

As some of you may know, he is the friend that Igor is loosely based upon.

(I say loosely, because if I ever drew the kinds of things Scott ACTUALLY gets up to during gaming sessions, nobody would ever believe it. Yes, I have to tone Igor down from the sorts of things Scott really does.

So here’s the good news: Scott and his long-time girlfriend, Dawn, got married on Valentines day!

Scott is, simply put, my inspiration. Despite the fact that life’s seldom seemed terribly easy on him, his sense of optimism, joy and amusement appears at times irrepressible.

While Dawn and Scott were saving up for a proper wedding and honeymoon, such plans had to be put on permanent hold when medical expenses wiped out pretty much everything they’d managed to gather up, and then Dawn was layed off of her job.

“Medical expenses?” you ask. Scott, a cancer survivor (huzzah!) has been having bad long-time problems with his leg – problems that pretty much means the pain he endures day to day is on par with that which had me immobilized last week. Yet, as always, every time I speak with Scott, there’s laughter, optimism, and a positive attitude that makes me feel ashamed when little things bum me out.

Over the last couple of months, Scott’s needed to make regular trips to Milwaukee for treatments that have included grafts and more. There was a while where the worry was his leg would actually have to be amputated, but that seems to have passed, the grafts have taken, and Scott is back in Madison and on the mend.

So I lied: that’s actually TWO pieces of great news.

Now, this isn’t supposed to be a pity party here. If there’s anything Scott stands for, it’s a celebration of life, in all it’s mad, twisted, sometimes traumatic glory. A triumph of life, if you will, over forces that we’ve got no hope of controlling. In some small way, I’ve always hoped Igor reflects this in Dork Tower. Seriously, Scott, simply in his attitude towards life, is a true hero to me. And I don’t say this lightly.

Well, here’s the thing: money’s tight all around, I realize this. But I also know there are one or two people who read this blog that have told me they wished there was some way they could thank me for Dork Tower over the years.

This is, of course, completely unnecessary — it really is enough just to hear from readers. I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I love to do because of YOU all. You’ve no idea how much that means to me. It’s I who need to thank you.

HOWEVER (he said, with a cunning tone starting to sneak into his voice), if you’d like to do something for IGOR, that’s another matter…

If you’d like to send Igor…uh, I mean Scott…and Dawn a quick note of congratulations, you can drop them a line here..

However, should you wish, I’ve also gained access to Scott and Dawn’s wedding registries.

Again, I cannot emphasize: money’s tight these days, so if you can’t afford to send anything their way, just a quick “congrats” to Scott is certainly more than enough, and I know they’d appreciate hearing from Igor’s Loyal Legions from all over the world.

If you should wish to, though, and have the wherewithal, Scott and Dawn are registered at both Target and There’s also a wedding fund set up, in hopes that someday they might be able to take that honeymoon in Vegas (this being Igor, of course, you know it has to center around the Star Trek experience at the Hilton, where they actually wanted the wedding to take place).

So if you have the time and the inclination, even if it’s just a quick e-mail, I know it would be deeply appreciated.

Igor’s (I mean Scott and Dawn’s) e-mail.

Igor’s (I mean Scott and Dawn’s) Registry at Target

Igor’s (I mean Scott and Dawn’s) Wish List at Amazon

Igor’s (I mean Scott and Dawn’s) Paypal wedding fund.

Igor’s now a married man.

Lord, help us all. 🙂



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