CINEPLEXITY – Wisconsin Film Festival Premier!

It’s official!

The World Premier of Cineplexity will be an official event at the Wisconsin Film Festival!

The full Film Festival schedule gets announced tonight (Wednesday), but we’ll be running the Cineplexity Premier at 2:30 pm, Saturday, April 1 (no foolin’), at the State Street Steep & Brew, one of many Film Festival locations.

I believe this is the first time a game’s ever been launched at a film festival before, which makes it kinda cool. Also kewl, Ken Hite won’t be there to kick my butt at the game again. Heh.

(Though it will be a few months before the game is actually IN stores, that’s OK. It’ll be a few months before some of these films are in theaters, so it fits in well with the spirit of Film Festivals everywhere!)

Many folks know how excited I am by this game. Seeing the final prototypes come just builds on that (the tagline on the box pictured below is one of the last changes we’ll be making: the new tagline is the smoother, better and more inclusive: “The Party Game Where Movie Lovers Connect”)

Now if I could just get invited to Sundance…


Here’s the announcement of the event, as it will appear in the Festival Event Program:

The World Premiere of the New Movie Game From the Makers of “Apples to Apples”

Be a part of the launch of “Cineplexity,” the critically acclaimed, exciting new movie game from Wisconsin’s own Out of the Box Publishing, the fastest-growing games company in America ( Steep & Brew is hosting a fun, open-to-all game demo where you can play and win prizes!

Cards containing two movie elements are played (“Features a Character in Uniform” and “Takes Place over the Holidays,” for example), and the first person to shout out the name of any movie containing both elements scores a point! Fast, fresh, and hilarious, “Cineplexity” (in stores later this year) does for movie games what Out of the Box’s multimillion-selling “Apples to Apples” did for party games.

Five to twelve people can play at any time, and casual movie fans can hold their own alongside hardcore cinephiles. There will be plenty of prizes, as well as treasure trove of games for the grand-prize winner! Meet the creators and play the first movie game that’s more than trivial! Connect with other movie lovers at this one-of-a-kind world premiere event!



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