London Calling

Hmmm. Noticed that the cartoons I had to run this week didn’t actually run.


Will look into that as soon as I’m home.


Amazing news.

Just found out that Apples to Apples was the number one selling TOY at Target, the week before Christmas.

That’s “TOY,” all categories. Not “game.”

In other words, we beat “Barbie.”. We beat “Hot Wheels”


Quick question, though, for British Islanders *not* living in London:

If “Bendy Bus” was made into an Apples to Apples card for the Brit version, would that have any resonance for you, at all? To me, that seems like a card that would only work with Londoners.

Speaking of which, in London now. Have been, for five days,

Much work got done.

Much work didn’t get done.

It’s been an odd week.

I’m missing Judith enormously, right now. A few unexpected things happened, and reminded me how very much in love with her I am.

Warpcon was simply amazing…simply amazing. Something very special was given to me, there, and it was as unexpected as it was gracious. It left me speechless, and means more to me than those responsible could possibly know. But I’ll save the full story for some point when I feel less like something the cat dragged in.

Still, the night of the last Warpcon party, before I had to crawl — ug, go — back to my B&B, I looked around at faces of the Warpcon folks I’ve gotten to know over the last five years, a wonderful, life-affirming, crazed bunch dancing to music both good and bad, sitting with friends, joking, drinking…and suddenly realized how much I’d miss them all.

And a week after the fact, I can confirm that that is NOT Gary Jackson’s Poteen talking.

I got over *that* in a mere four days.


One shopping day left in London.

Apart from the new Belle and Sebastian and Arctic Mokeys, what should I pick up from the record stores?



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