On to Welcon

Today’s comic is based on a true event, I fear.

Tomorrow, I am running my first large-scale minis game in years.

Yes, years. Probably three or four, at least.

It’ll be my once-annual holiday Man-O-War multiplayer gig, “Santa Claus Versus The Skaven.”

And yes, I had an anxiety dream about this the other night. Just like those anxiety dreams from high school.

I had forgotten to bring some of the ships. I hadn’t studied the rules enough. I’d left the terrain behind.

Way strange. It was the exact high school dream, transported to the gaming table.

So I thought it deserved a cartoon.

I’m sure everything will go fine. Man-O-War’s a great, fun game with straightforward rules. Every player will get up to 300 points of ships (depending how many will take part), and believe it or not, a quick count shows that I’ve got enough forces for 14 players, should the need arise.

As per usual, the most recently painted ships – two squadrons of Nurgle Plaguecrushers – will most probably sink first. It always happens that way. The pieces you spend hours and hours finishing right before the game are always the first to go, spending maybe 15 minutes on the table, tops.

Although I am running out of ships left to paint, now that the game’s been out of print for, what, 10 years or so. It’s harder and harder to find models for the game, and I’m mising quite a few, still.

But anyway, at least I’m pushing lead again. Or having others push lead. Anyway, I’m painting again and running again.

I’ll try and take pictures, to report on the action.

In the mean time, about that DREAM…

“Dear Dr. Blink…”


The big project this weekend is clearing out the just-designated Louisa Marie room, and getting it ready for painting and cribs and such.

To this end, I fear I’ll have to be getting rid of a lot of gaming stuff that just hasn’t gotten as much use as I’d have liked.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve sold any stuff online or otherwise.

This will be mostly minis – things like some well-painted 25 mm Gauls I just won’t have time to re-paint, to make them compatible with the rest of my stuff.

Or the entire collection of MechWarrior collectible minis first release (I forget the name of that set, offhand).

Or much of my GURPS 3rd edition collection.

In other words, good stuff

What are the best forums for these kinds of things anymore? Ebay? Or listing them on some forums? Cross-listing?

All proceeds will go to the “Get Clothes and Books and Furniture Stuff for Louisa Marie’s Room” fund.


Speaking of collectible minis, Mark from my gaming group gave me a box of D&D miniatures from the Angelfire set.

Scored a Large Copper Dragon.

And, poetically enough, a Kobold!

Wow, did the paint jobs of every single figure blow me away. A long way from the first releases. Paul, also in the Thursday Night group (Six Guys in a Dirty Basement) showed me an Elminster fig he got from another set.

With Heroclix, a terrific game that really captures the spirit of four-color comic clashes, the figures are terrific, and the paint jobs just fine. But I usually figure I could touch them up nicely.

With D&D minis, there’s no way. I’ll now be using these as painting guides for other figures.

Remarkable, affordable things.

Kinda makes me dream of, say, Mordheim or Warhammer given the same treatment. Can you imagine building up huge armies of well-sculpted, well-painted Games Workshop figs?

Ah, the gaming life…



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