Games, Games, Games…

In an effort to relax after two months of nerve-shredding travel, I’m trying to get back to my gaming roots.

Picked up Heroscape, a rather nifty, easy-play minis game from Hasbro with tons of cool figs and a really satisfying combat system. (When I have time, I’ll post the Dork Tower stats and templates that my pal Marty created for Dorkstock)

Spent most of Sunday basing 25 mm Scot, French, Afghan and steam-driven robot figures for use in Gaslight, a spiffy set of Sci-Fi Victorian rules.

Also based many 15mm Early War Germans, French and British for Flames of War, the rules that seem to be aquiring global dominance. Which is fine, as 15 mm WWII has (IMHO) needed a good set of rules. Things like Spearhead and Command Decision have always struck me as being better with 10 or 6 mm figs.

Lastly, got the rule set Arc of Fire for all those 25 mm WWII Normandy skirmish figures I’ve been dying to use.

Next up: touching up my Man O War fleets – something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, now.

And, of course, the Serenity RPG looks like it’ll be a ton of fun.

Looking forward to much thereaputic gaming this winter.

If I run any games at Pegasus or The Last Square, I’ll post a heads-up here.


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