ALL HAIL KING …uh. know…

Home again.


Kobolds Ate My Baby ships to distributors TODAY! (It would have shipped yesterday, but, uh, we forgot to tell them where to ship it to).

We made it in time for the holidays! Woo-hoooo!

Run, don’t walk, and see the glorious full-page review KOBOLDS got in the latest Game Trade Magazine. Or Just Click Here to check it out!

It’d be hard to wish for a nicer piece than this!

ALSO, check out the New Kobolds Ate My Baby homepage spelling mistakes, freebie downloads, previews and all!

ALSO, check out the spiffy Kobolds Ate My Baby mailing list!

Kobolds Ate My Baby: NOT your average baby-eating game!


My birthday falls on Thanksgivng this year.

I should like my birthday to be celebrated nation-wide, with parades and floats, and massive turkey dinners. And perhaps a football game or two. That would be nice.

That’s all I want for my birthday.

Oh, please…oh, please…


Happy baby day! I mean, TURKEY day!



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