Just a friendly reminder, all!

Come to Dorkstock!

Bring all your dorky friends!

Play lotsa dorky games! Win lotsa dorky prizes!

See the cool new Dorkstock limited edition T-shirts! Meet the Real Igor, and play Kobolds Ate My Baby with him! Witness the Great Lukeski in Dorkstock’s first-ever concert! Play in the Chicagoland Munchkin Bites II launch! Sample new Out of the Box games before they’re released! Take part in the Igor Bar bake-off! Laugh at me being so jetlagged and exhausted Saturday and Sunday (the days I’ll be there. Today, I sleep)!

Enjoy the glory that is Rock-Con, home to Dorkstock IV. And lots and lots more!


(yes, I’m back home…Madison home…at LAST…as of 10:30 pm last night, believe it or not…)


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