Home again…home again…giggidty giggidty

In London now. Fly home tomorrow.

“Home.” What a concept…

Been gone so long, looks like up to me…


Lucca – big, brilliant, insane, utterly, utterly mad and completely wonderful.

Judith and I have NEVER been treated so well, and I’ve never worked so hard.

I had no idea what to expect from the Italian readers, but their reception was without doubt one of the most special ones my work’s ever received.

I will have a LOT more to say on this, and Essen, and this entire bloody month soon.

But for now, I’m exhausted and incredibly happy with all the crazy, wonderful Italian readers I got to meet…


Dork Tower 32 review from the Comic Book Network Emag. No spoilers, so, yay:

Dork Tower #32 by Dork Storm

I got a kick out of That Grrrl! You can probably do a spin-off title with That Grrrl, she has spunk and charisma and makes a great superheroine. I had a great laugh throughout Dork Tower #32, I am not an artist, but deal with many artists and I think my artists would have gotten a kick out of the constructive criticism an artist receives, there were many hilarious moments to the story. I have met many dorks that use the terms ‘neat’ and ‘swell’ and they haven’t learned new phrases that would have made them sound cool. Today when I went to A1 Comics, I was deciding if I should get The Dark Age Book One #4 (Astro City) or Dork Tower #32. I decided on Dork Tower #32, because we all need some good laughs and you always provide them with your comic book!




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