The Grand Tour

Popping up for air in Florence.

Will be in Lucca tomorrow. At the convention.

I could talk about a few things…

The beauty of Venice. The grandeur of Il Duomo in Florence. Seeing an astonishing Richard II in London. Going behind the scenes at Bush House and the BBC World Service. Getting back stage at the British Museum.

Instead, let me just note how bizarre it is to discover Italy has their own licensed version of Australia’s Cheese Twisties. (The best cheese-based junk food on the face of the planet, in my humble opinion. Your mileage may vary).

Called “Fonzies” (not kidding), they’re a bit more on the Fake -Asiago flavour side than the Fake-Cheddar flavour side of the scale.

Very, very bizarre.

So damn weird to see Cheese Twisties pop up here, of all places.




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