…and I live by the river…

According to the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise con chair for Dorkstock IV:

A preliminary game schedule for Dorkstock IV is up here. Still missing are game descriptions and a couple more games, such as Dorkstock Cha Cha Cha.

What the heck is Dorkstock Cha Cha Cha, you ask? (Well, OK, you didn’t. But I’m telling you anyways.) It’s a life-sized version of Chicken Cha Cha Cha(1), with Dork Storm Press images. Much fun will be had! It will show up on the schedule for the adult (defined as 12 and over at Dorkstock) times, and will run as open gaming for the Dorkstock Kids’ Corner.

Merry Meet!

(1) Yes, I realize you probably haven’t played Chicken Cha Cha Cha. No, I’m not going to tell you how to play until you get there. *grin*

The con chair is all-wise! ALL HAIL QUEEN CON-CHAIR!

Cha cha cha.

In other news:

* I forgot to mention the Dork Tower/Vienna Games Con energy drink that Planet Harry supplied in abundance at Essen.

* Met up with some friends last couple of nights. I love this town tremendously…

* Munchkin IV: The Need For Steed will totally rock!

* Some amazing Out of the Box news. Just gotta see what I’m cleared to say about it. πŸ™‚

* My favorite pizza place in London, near Tottenham Court Road tube station, has closed. My second-favorite, a Neapolitan just off Oxford Street, is still around. Plus, discovered a great new Italian restaurant in Soho called Tomato.

* Saw a band called The Rakes on TV last night. Must investigate.

* Really wish I brought “Napoleon Dynamite” on DVD with me.

* Obsessed about the Stroke’s “New Slang” (and the movie “Garden State”) while at Essen.

* Obsessed about Aimee Mann’s “Lost In Space” at all other times.

* Found a pub that has Leffe Blonde on tap.

* Finally made it into Marvel Comics. Well, by drawin’ an AD for someone that will appear in Marvel Comics, in a few months. But, like, I’ll take what I can get…’nuff said.

* Am going behind the scenes at the British Museum later today. Will tell why later.

* Still recovering from the Essen/Spiel signings.

* London bookstores. Like, Damn.

* Design Museum giftshop. Like, damn again.

* New Kate Bush album out. Must iTune it…

* Dork Tower #32 is IN STORES NOW. Apparently, anyway. Here’s a nice e-mail I received: Another excellent issue, John. Great SnapDragons story. I really miss this title. 8-)And I LOVE the ad for Mutants & Masterminds 2E. Stats for That Grrrl! Now I can translate her for other systems. 😎

* Otherwise, yeah…work, work, work….finishing off the new cover for Munchkin IV this morning. Must…draw…steeds…




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