Spiel 2005

Essen. Spiel.

In brief.

Thursday – 6-hours of signing. German food for dinner.

Friday – 4.5 hours of signings. Spanish food for dinner.

Saturday – 6.5 hours of signings. Including after the hall closed. Yugoslavian food for dinner.

Sunday – One hour of sleep before flight out. French food for lunch. In France. Spanish food for dinner. In Spain.

Monday – another flight. Seven flights in ten days. But at least I wrote a movie outline during the last one.

Tuesday – now have an Oyster card. Londoners will know what I mean.

Details to follow. But really…Essen – brilliant fan/reader turnout. 6.5 hours now my personal world-record for signings (thought that included an hour’s break. Thursday’s six hours STRAIGHT was the longest for me in a row.)

Other stuff:

Curse you, Steve Jackson, for ever putting blank cards in Munchkin.

The German Apples to Apples launch was a HUGE success.

Thanks, Martin, Thomas and dear Charly for keeping me sane.

Thanks Pesgasus and Feder & Schwert for everything!

Thanks, gang from Vienna, for the Dork Tower Energy Drinks, which were super cool, a few of which will pop up in charity auctions.

Thanks to Aimee Mann for “Lost in Space,” which got me thought the majority of the flights.

Thanks to EVERYBODY who waited in line!

Thanks to Eva for the best Gilly drawing, like, evar!

Having no internet access drove me nuts, but honestly, I was so exhausted at the end of each day, I’m not sure what I would have used it for.

Oh.Plus. Kobolds Ate My Baby is officially AT PRESS now for a week, tho…

My drawing hand hurts.

I have more drawing to do tomorrow.

If anyone needs me, I shall be asleep.

For a while.

A long while…




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