Speaking of…

Suddenly it turned cold, and Autumn was upon Wisconsin.

And the flies HAVE slowed,, dammit.


Speaking of slow, I’ve been letting the Spam Haiku lapse. Sorry about that.


By John’s Spammers

Higini spittle

Not working like it used to?

Give it to her good

Shoot five times as much

2 days of fun for 4 bux

Don’t miss Bon Jovi

Wall Street stock Wizard

She will probably put out

Swiss Rolex Watches

I tried calling you

She looks like your future date

Crave for British style?


Speaking of cravings, Dork Tower 32 ships next week. Go bug your local comic stores to get it in now! (Don’t make me beg. Cartoonists are miserable pleaders.)

When you read it, just remember: Matt is NOT me.



Speaking of honesty, KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY goes to press next week!


Speaking of going to press, here’s the T-shirt design for Spiel (Essen) 2005.

The bottom “Go Up a Level” will be in German…

Gak. So much to do before flying to Essen and Lucca. So stressed. I know stuff will be forgotten, or I’ll just run out of time…


Speaking of Igor, Sott “Igor” Olman, my pal who Igor was inspired by, will be a Special Guest at Dorkstock!

PLUS, he’ll be running the World Premier Kobolds Ate My Baby tournament Saturday and Sunday, at 11 am. Be scared. Be very, very scared.

It will TOTALLY rock!

PLUS, he’ll be judging the Igor Bar contest!


Speaking of Igor Bars, they make a hilarious cameo in an equaly hilarious web strip.

And this one. And THIS one


Speaking of web strips, today’s Dork Tower will be up shortly.


Speaking of “shortly,” here’s a Sekrit Prokect I should finish up shortly.

The last four are REALLY awful puns.

A fabulous no-prize to whoever can get all four, first.




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