Go Mallards!

The Madison Mallards beat the Rochester Honkers 6-2 last night, to take game one of the best of three North Woods League southern division championship series.

It was a great game to watch. Madison had lost seven of the regular season’s eight games played against Rochester, but the team was well-prepared for the first playoff game, and came up with three absolutely astounding defensive catches. was there with The Lovely and Talented Judith and me, along with several other friends.

I have to say, I was pretty tense. There’s no guarantee Madison will make it to the championship series, but the boys sure played well. The pitching was solid, the batting was aggressive (featuring Randy Molina’s first home run), and, as noted, the fielding was out of this world, for the most part. The Mallards probably wren’t favored by many to win (having, as mentioned, lost seven of eight regular season games to Rochester).

The MVP of the Mallards, Ryan Rogowski, was also named league MVP (the first Mallards player ever to be so named), and signed to the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

So what is it about sports that would make a (moderately) rational person like myself care passionatly about a team in a minor league that, in the real world scheme of things, really doesn’t count for very much? To the point of hoarseness?

I’m not sure. But last night was great fun. There’s no question I’m enjoying the minor leagues far more than I’ve done the majors for many a year now.

The last two games of the best-of-three series are in Rochester, MN, tonight and (if necessary – hopefully it won’t be) Wednesday.

With luck, we may have the pleasure of one or two more home games here in Madison later this week, if the team can make it through to the finals. Which would be totally awesome. I don’t want to wait nine months for my next Mallards fix.

Go Ducks!


Judith and I made the newspaper yesterday.

We were at Warner Park, to take part in the World’s Largest First Pitch. Even though it’s been, like, five years since I’ve held a baseball.

I had to pitch to J.J. Hollenbeck, one of the team’s aces.

So I totally choked.

My pitch was low and outside.

As in, two feet low and six feet outside.

A Wisconsin State Journal reporter was there, to cover the story.

Naturally, she deemed my dismal performance and subsequent good-natured self-deprecation, ha ha, worthy to be the story’s lead.

At least J.J. wasn’t too disgusted by the ball I threw to autograph it…

My god, I can be such a yutz.


Got some spam this morning. Made it past my Spam Filter and into my In Box.

Subject line: Strapon f**ked c*nt lickin boondagger!

Note this: the asterisks weren’t part of the header.


…I’m wondering what part of “Strapon f**ked c*nt lickin boondagger!” my Spam Filter thought WAS actually suitable for my In Box.

I have the’s worst Spam Filter in the world.


I’m still going over Cast the Dork Tower Movie and Cast the Dr. Blink Movie submissions. Should have the winners posted soon. Also info on the football pool thingy.


Last but not least: Igor is going into space!


More news to come.

But for now, there is much work to do.




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