Prize-packed movie madness!

Melissa Kearcher, she of Dr. Blink coloring brilliance, noted that she and Chris Jone were discusssing their takes on a potential Dr. Blink movie:

Cajones maintains that Dr. Blink should be played by Bill Murray. While I think that is an admirable choice, I say that Blink should definitely be played by Rick Moranis. (I further argued that Moranis needs the work more than Murray these days.)

We agree that Bruce Campbell should be bleached blonde to play Major Amazing.

I think Patrick Warburton should voice Red Granite, but that’s only because I want to hear him speaking in a Russian accent and singing, “I am being rock. I am being i-i-i-island.” Warburton could also be Captain Omnipotent. Hell, he could probably play half the male cast. I don’t care, he just needs to be there!

Gary Owens should voice Nocturne. Yup.

Older Wonder Boy? Clint Howard. Or perhaps Mark Hamill.

Matt Frewer should be the Quizzler.

Of course, there were many other wild ideas that I can’t remember now. We had thoughts for both Tracy and Emma, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were.

I’ve never really thought about things like this. I had a vague notion that Eugene Levy might make a good Doctor Blink, and that Adam Sandler wouldn’t. But that’s about as far as it got. The only thought ever given to a Dork Tower movie was that Jack Black in “High Fidelity” seemed to come closest to the sort of manic energy that anyone playing Igor would need.

So. Dr. Blink Movie. Dork Tower movie. Who would you cast?

___________ as Dr. Blink
___________ as Tracy, his receptionist
___________ as Emma, his daughter
___________ as Captain Omnipotent
___________ as Major Amazing
___________ as Athena
___________ as Nocturne
___________ as Jimmy Hogan, ex-Wonder Boy
___________ as The Quizzler
With special Guest Appearance by ___________ as ___________ !

___________ as Matt
___________ as Igor
___________ as Ken
___________ as Carson (voicing the cgi character)
___________ as Gilly
___________ as Kayleigh
___________ as Bill
With special Guest Appearance by ___________ as ___________ !

Prizes for the best-cast Dr. Blink movie, and the best-cast Dork Tower movie.

BEST DR. BLINK – First Star Munchkin game signed by me.

BEST DORK TOWER CAST – Munchkin Bites game signed by me.

HONORABLE MENTION – My Dwarves Fly game, signed by me.

Deadline: 8 am Monday morning, Central Standard Time.

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