Busy, Busy World II

I’m being a bit quiet on the blog these days, if only because the Perfect Storm of Deadlines continues.

Dork Tower #31, Dr. Blink #2, “The Collected Dork Tower #8 Go, Dork, Go!” and the reprints (with corrections and updates) of “Dork Covenant” (TCDT #1, fifth printing) and “Understanding Gamers” (TCDT #5, second printing) are all done, and some have been at press for a couple of weeks now.(The proofs for Dr. Blink #2 look gorgeous, btw – Chris and Melissa are just brilliant).

Many, many thanks to Jeff and Hal for the invaluable help with the trades.

Next up: “The Collected SnapDragons: The Kids Are Alright” (with a LOT of new material), Dork Tower #s 31 (“Art for Art’s Sake”) and 32 (which both have to be finished at the same time, for reasons I’ll go into later) and “Munchkin Bites II: Pants Macabre” (which is rolling along with some great, strange momentum at the moment). Plus a couple of secret projects, the British version of Apples to Apples, and trying to get some drawings done for a few folks who’ve been waiting too long.

So I’ll be up for air again next week.


Thanks also to all who’ve been sending me this story last week.

Zookeepers find muskrat delectable.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Danish zookeepers slaughtered animals in their care, including more than 50 muskrats, and served the meat to unsuspecting friends and family until zoos changed their rules, newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported Friday.

“A single muskrat serves up to four people. You just have to avoid saying what it is before your family has eaten it because it sounds disgusting,” elephant keeper Peter Jensen was quoted as saying.

Nobody at Copenhagen Zoo, home to 3,300 animals and 264 species, was available for comment.

The zookeepers also feasted on antelope and gaur, the newspaper said.

“It’s always a success when you can serve you friends something special,” zookeeper Nikolai Rhod said, adding he had also eaten rabbits, pigs and chicken from the petting zoo.

Zookeepers in Denmark used to slaughter animals for meat until a zoo crackdown last year under which anyone caught doing so would face disciplinary action. Such practices did not break Danish law.

On other matters, apparently Muskrat is Low Carb

Every now and then, someone from Michigan sends me a photo of places specializing in Muskrat dinners. So to pick this up from another part of the world, is, uh, good, I guess?


Very good things: Got the new St. Etienne album (with cool David Essex cameo), found the Boomtown Rats’ “The Fine Art of Surfacing” on CD at last (a definitive remasters edition, on sale, at that!), picked up the first Gorillaz on sale, and heard Paul Weller’s new single, “From the Floorboards Up.” Not as fab as “It’s Written In the Stars,” but shows the modfather rocking out like I haven’t heard since his Jam days.


But mostly, it’s work. Seriously, I was drawing yesterday until my right hand hurt!

I’d give my left arm to be ambidextrous.


Did I say “Munchkin Bites II: Pants Macabre”?





OK. Enough air for now. Back to work…




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