The Apple (to Apple) of her eye…

Marriage Proposal in a Box

She thought she was playing a party game…but he had much bigger plans!

MADISON, Wisconsin – People say romance can be a game, but nowhere was this truer than when Bill Becker got engaged to girlfriend Ashleigh…with the help of their favorite party game: Apples to Apples.

Bill wanted to propose to Ashleigh in a way she would never forget, and he contacted the makers of Apples to Apples to make it happen.Below is his actual request for assistance – as well as his report on how he pulled the marriage proposal off. (And yes….she accepted!)

Dear Apples to Apples folks,

I’ve been a huge fan of Apples to Apples for a while now. It’s an amazing game and I play it often with my friends. I introduced it to my girlfriend, Ashleigh, about a year ago and she fell in love with it as well. I plan on proposing to her very soon and I’d like to use Apples to Apples to help me pop the big question. That’s where I was hoping you guys could help me out. I think it would be amazing if you could print a special red apple card that says “Ashleigh, Will You Marry Me?”

When its Ashleigh’s turn to be the Judge, I’ll arrange for her to select a green apple card that says “Unforgettable”. Then I’ll secretly submit my red card. She’ll read off everyone’s red cards one by one until she gets to my card at which time I’ll get on one knee and propose. I especially like this idea because my red apple card will actually apply to the green apple topic :).

Please help me with my perfect proposal by producing a single special card for me. Thank you ahead of time for considering this great opportunity for both of us!


Bill Becker

All of the folks at Out of the Box (makers of Apples to Apples) became touched by the idea, and they pulled together to print this one-of-a-kind card just for them.

Here’s how the event went:

Dear Out of the Box,

The proposal plan was a huge success! Thank you so much! Everything went exactly as planned. She was so surprised! First of all, she didn’t expect me to ask this past weekend because she thought I’d wait a few weeks for the concert festival where we first met. And second, she also never would have guessed I’d pop the question during a game of Apples to Apples!

The plan was executed perfectly. I got both of our families to play together. After a few rounds and a few turns of Ashleigh as the judge, I finally took the “Unforgettable” card I had set aside and secretly placed it on a pile of green apple cards. Ashleigh (now the judge) flipped over the “Unforgettable” card and I secretly submitted my “Ashleigh, Will You Marry Me?” card face-down on the table. She then picked up everyone’s red cards from the table at which time my sister began recording on her digital camera. She read off the first card and then put it on the table. She read off the second card and then put in on the table. The third card was mine and when she saw it she had this shocked look on her face. At that point she wasn’t sure if I was serious or kidding. I then proceeded to get down on one knee and open the jewelry box with the ring, which removed any doubt that I was serious. I gave my speech and asked her to marry me, after which she shouted “Yes!” and then attacked me with a huge hug :). She was amazed when I told her Apples to Apples made the card for that special occasion. She said it was perfect because it was simple, but very clever and meaningful. It truly was unforgettable :).


Bill & Ashleigh

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