So many thanks…

Obviously, there was too much going on this week for me to pop over to Cosmic Enounter Online, and try out The Dork, aka Igor. (I note that at the moment, he graces the home page).

But a nice note came in from Peter Oltaka, on all the folks from hereabouts who DID get over there for the grand rollout (and the site’s second birthday):

The players who are coming to Cosmic Encounter Online from Dork Tower are the BEST!

Fun, helpful and just a pleasant crowd to play CE with. Our 30th alien the DORK, power to annoy, is annoying everyone in sight. Even itself!

The spirit of Cosmic Encounter and Dork Tower are in synch – when you can’t laugh at yourself, you are missing half the fun.

Thanks to those who represented.


Thanks, too, to everyone who wrote in about the supposed “Liberal Bilge” in the Star Wars Ep. III Dork Tower comic. I was swamped with responses, and I appreciate them all. The ratio right now is well over 100:1 in support of the strip.

Also, I never knew I had such a red-state, nuke-’em-’til-they-glow, meat eating conservative fanbase.

I mean, seriously. This is a TINY fraction of the responses:

Ehh, don’t sweat the occasional wild-eyed political junkie writing you hate mail. Take it as a badge of honor. I’m about as much of a red-state, nuke-’em-’til-they-glow, meat eating conservative as you’re going to get, and I thought the cartoon was damned funny, and not really political.


I’m as right-wing as they come, and I enjoy your comics thoroughly (and have bought all the books). If there are occasional “liberal” jokes, I chuckle at those as well. Too bad you have a reader so lacking in humor and the ability to understand satire.


Er…um…is that person in the same reality as the rest of us? Believe me, my threshold/tolerance level for webtoon authors getting on their soapboxes and being obnoxious/preachy/whatever, is at an all time low. Despite this hypersensitivity, I saw no “Evangelical liberal” stuff in that strip. The strip was funny. I read it, enjoyed it, end of story.


Read the mail in the Muskrat Ramblings. All I can say is, “don’t let it get to you.” I’m a liberal, and a friend of mine who read the strip is conservative. Let me assure you that we both got the joke. I’ll assume the joke was that people on both sides of the political spectrum use their artistic mediums to push a political agenda/vendetta.


I’m a conservative (albeit moderate in my approach to things) and I was not offended by the comic.

Who knew? Maybe the country IS more Purple than Red/Blue after all…


And very, VERY special thanks to everyone for the kind words on Cleopatra. Your thoughts and condolences meant a great deal to Judith and myself.




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