Night Moves and Other Stories

With Oddcon upon us, I just have to exclaim with glee…

I had dinner with Tim Powers (and much of Oddcon’s way cool staff) last night.

Tim Powers!

And he’s a cheese nut too!

Should his schedule agree, I’m taking him to pick up one of the world’s finest — and certainly Wisconsin’s grandest — fromage: Pleasant Ridge Reserve Gruyere, a veritable prince of epicurean delights. No. Seriously. This is teh roxxor of aged curds: nutty, sweet and deeply satisfying.

Then, it would be off for a selection of frankly fascinating Carr Valey cheeses. The Cook family at Carr Valley are creating some exceptional products, and I can think of no grander way to treat a guest than to afford them access to some truly tremendous Benedictines and Native Blues.

Steve’s Liquor has a great selection.

Do I sound like a completely pretentious Cheddar Dork? An unrepentant gourmand of the worst degree? A (cheese) basket case?

My name is John, and I’m a Foodie.

(A year ago, more than one friend guffawed when, at the Origins convention, I was announced (for a signing) over the intercom not as the artist of “Chez Geek,” but of “Cheese Geek.”)

Last night, I fear Dinner was cut short (alas, alack), as I had to help clean the house and prepare a room for the inimitable Kenneth Hite, who shall be blessing our modest homestead with his presence.

“Ken HITE will be here?” Tim Powers exclaimed, with something close to excitement, garnering Ken far more cool points in my mind than any human being should reasonably be allowed to collect.

What could top off a night like this?

Hanging with Christopher Jones, he of Dr. Blink art fame, and Melissa Kearcher, she of Dr. Blink coloring fame (for they, too, are at Oddcon), at the Mad City Cabaret. True, it’s lost some steam since the fabulous Joy Dragland left for New York City’s lights. But it still may be the best six bucks you’ll spend on entertainment in Madison.

And did I mention my pal Chuck just won a freaking Peabody Award?

And I also found out my friend Abbe won a Pulitzer?

And that both Dilbert and get Fuzzy ROCK, today?

And that Tim Powers is a Cheese Geek?


…has the makings of an epic weekend.


PS. Oh, year. Dork Tower 31 needs to go to press, too…

PPS. Wow. This is just a fun day. I am absolutely loving the direction the direction the discussion of today’s DORK TOWER is taking.

“I find your lack of…pants…disturbing.”

Heh heh heh.


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